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How do I improve my Spoken English skills?

Spoken English is connected with different aspects. To master your English-speaking skills, you need to get practiced in the following:

  • Tone and Pitch
  • Vocabulary
  • Right usage of words
  • Pronunciation
  • Crisp Delivery
  • Being confident
To get skilled in the above aspects you will have to get trained by experts in an interactive session. Our Learn-it-together philosophy revolves around the strength of collective and activity-based learning. Talk with fellow learners and learn how to speak English.

What are Capshine Clubs?

Capshine Clubs are the foundation hubs of Learn-it-together activity. You will be put together in groups with fellow learners of your level. A theme will be set by your coach for your group to converse in their supervision. This practice is conducted to foster real-life learning progress

What do I get as part of the Capshine membership?

As a Capshine member, you receive free access to club meetings, proficiency reports, assessment tests, Capshine courses, weekly personalized improvement plans from coaches, monthly proficiency and progress reports, unlimited access to English games and puzzles, and much moreā€¦

Am I eligible to enroll with Capshine?

Yes! Capshine is made for anyone out there willing to upscale their English skills. We have candidates from all age groups and professions. We have doctors, farmers, students, housewives, college students, lawyers, and many different aspiring learners.

Do I get a trial period?

We offer a 14-Day free trial period; you can explore without advance payment. Only if you are satisfied with the 14-Day trial you can proceed to avail of Capshine membership; no compelled commitments.

How does Capshine help me improve my English-speaking skills?

Capshine's learning program is specially designed to build a professional level English speaker in you. Capshine's qualities mentioned below is sure to make you a great English speaker:

  • Interactive club-meets
  • Learning progress proctored by coach
  • Peer-peer interactive sessions
  • Weekly one-one sessions
  • Self-learning activities
  • Foundational programs to build confidence
  • Customized feedback and action plans

What are Capshine courses?

Capshine courses are a compilation of lessons tailor-made to strengthen 5 main aspects:

  1. Grammar
  2. Tone and Pitch
  3. How to avoid common mistakes
  4. Compelling presentation
  5. Pronunciation
All the courses are designed to aid self-learning and you can study at your own pace. The coaches are always ready to guide you and help you throughout the process.

Does Capshine help me improve my writing skills?

In a way yes it can! Capshine is specially designed to build your spoken English skills but it indirectly helps you write well too. All the learning intakes will reflect in your writing skills too.